O geral e o regional na História da Geografia

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Nilson Cortez Crocia de Barros


The paper examines how the regional and systematic dimensions of Geography both played their role in the construction of the geographical thought. It analyses how this ontological experience projected itself through modern geography. To approach the subject the article employs contextual and epistemological historio- graphical points of view. The duality of styles of thought represented by the words physis (Gr.) and chora (Gr.) is here understood as one expression of the varieties of methodological possibilities displayed by Geography as a discipline and recognized as part of the core of the geographical tradition.


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Cortez Crocia de Barros, N. (2019). O geral e o regional na História da Geografia. Revista Geográfica, (152), 9–30. Recuperado a partir de https://revistasipgh.org/index.php/regeo/article/view/507